Hey girls! I am in a contest with my Jamberry team to see who can book the most parties in September. My leader is putting the names of every hostess that books with me into a drawing and on Sunday night she will choose three lucky ladies (and their consultant) to win an extra free lacquer or set or wraps when they close their show! We have that new lacquer line and a new hand care line and some AMAZING holiday wraps! They are all fabulous! PLUS - Jamberry makes hosting a party so rewarding! Let’s take a look at your calendar and see if any of my open dates would work for you? I do parties on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays…what day of the week would be best for you?

These are Facebook parties,  all you do is invite your friends, I do all of the posting! This is a great opportunity, and to be entered into the contest, the party had to be booked by this Sunday,  it can be for Sept, Oct,  Nov,  or Dec! 

Contact me in my Ask box to book a free online nail art party!
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the goddess form
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my last blog was all about me, and my life and my photos.
i figured making a blog of cool phtoos i see on here would be
interesting and new, so here i am..

ready, set, go.

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